Monday, December 30, 2013

Merry Christmas! I'm a District Leader!

Well family first off I have to say that I had an awesome Christmas. The best Christmas present I got was to be able to talk to you guys. It was so awesome to hear all of your voices and get to just sit and talk. Everyone is just the same and you guys are just all awesome and I love you guys. Well I already told you that on Christmas we freakin ate a ton of rice. I literally still am not hungary because of how much we ate haha but it was good. I love the members here, they take good care of us. Well I honestly don’t remember anything that happened before Christmas, this week has just been a blur and I have already told you most things over the phone like how I was with Elder Enwukwari and stuff like that. Well this week we went and saw Brother Blamo. He is the one who we had set to be baptized and then he said he had to go to training. Well we had an awesome lesson with him and we are set to baptize him this week. I am so excited, this guy is sweet. This week he brought two of his buddies to church and now they are super interested and want to know more. Only thing that sucks is that they aren’t in our area. They would be for sure baptisms. Well for the crazy news now. On Thursday I made up those banana cream pies that you sent (they tasted amazing) but right when we started eating them we got our transfer news. Well I am staying and I received Elder Cottrell. He is from Utah and he is Elder Zaugg and Elder Guymons MTC. But that isn’t the craziest thing. I am district leader to (you jinxed me dad). When I first heard that I was district leader I started to question if the church was true or not, haha jk that was to far but I was shocked for sure. I still feel like I barely even know what is going on out here half the time and now I am district leader. Its crazy. The zones leaders told me that I am the Youngest district leader in the mission right now so I am not sure what President Kirkham was on when he made transfers haha jk. It will be a good experience and Elder Cottrell just got finished being a district leader so if I need any help with anything, he will be able to hook me up. Well another exciting this that happened this week was our trash guy came and our trash can was full of maggots so I cleaned that all up. Also our stupid facet on our kitchen sink busted to so we are having to use our nice little hand pump and pump our water through our filter. On Saturday we had a year end party with our Branch and the Brewersville branch and it was fun. Its probably more appropriate to call it a dance party than a branch party because they had the church set up with big ole speakers and the place was bumpin and they basically just danced the whole time. Needless to say I busted out my moves to.  J It was really fun though. I am loving it here in banjor, everybody here is just awesome, my recent converts are doing awesome and things are just going great. They just barely brought Elder Cottrell like an hour ago, but I know we are going to get along great, its going to be sweet and im excited for this next transfer. I hope you all have a wonderful New year. Love you all
Elder Bowring

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