Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

Well this week was a good one for sure. Last Monday we ran into some other missionary’s and they were going to go eat at Evergreen(a really nice restaurant )  so we just hopped along and me and Brother Freeman split a Hamburger. It was really good. Well on Tuesday I received your guys pre-Christmas package and I loved it. The tree that you guys made me was so sweet, I hung it up the second I got it and all the other elders were pretty jealous haha. I have just been jamming out to Christmas music all week to. I love the Christmas music so thank you for sending that. Well also on Tuesday I got into my first motorbike crash !!!! haha jk it was really nothing, we were heading out to the beach and we hit some soft sand and the motorbike man couldn’t handle it so we just went down. I got tossed from the back into a bush and then I had to come and get the bike off of the bike man and my companion. It was pretty funny, we were laughing about it. Well this week we got our mouse traps for the apartment. We have been keeping track of how many mice we kill each because we all got a trap. Well so far Elder Enwukray has caught 6 mice, Elder Inyang has caught 2, Brother Freeman has caught 1, and I have caught 0. Needless to say I am a little more than disappointed with my performance on the mouse hunting this week but I am going to step my game up this week. Well Thursday was thanksgiving and it was the day that we got our monthly substistence, me and my companion both had 20 dollars left so we got some nice food. We decided with Elder Montgomery and Elder Cooper to make Hamburgers and fries for thanksgiving. There is a really nice supermarket close to where we pick up our subsistence and we bought a pound of ground beef for 3.80 USD and then some cheese and some French fries. So we had a nice thanksgiving dinner of hamburgers and fries. It was so good and It was nice to actually do something for thanksgiving. This week we also had to go to the hospital for my companion to do another urine test for his mission papers. Well the hospitals here aint like the ones back home that’s for sure but they got the job done. It was pretty funny, we had to go and do the test pretty early in the morning and when we showed up to the hospital they told us to go sit in the waiting room. Well we sat down and it was packed, well come to find out they were having a church service. There was a pastor guy up at the front yelling and clapping his hands and then he started screaming HOLY GHOST and then the rest of the congregation would scream back FIRE haha. They did this for a while, but when they started doing it I figured that me and my companion could just wait out side for them to finish so that’s what we did. It was pretty funny though. Well, it was my companions birthday (same as Brittians) And it was also a big holiday for Liberia. Basically all they do for the holiday was go to the beach and party though haha.  Well on that day we went and saw one of our members and when we went to go see him he was in the process of gutting out a fried up dog. The dog still had its head on it and it looked like it was growling at me haha. I wish we could of stuck around to try some bud we had an appointment to go to.  This week end we had district conference and it was so freaking good. We had the second councilor in the area presidency come and talk to us. His name is Elder Edward Dupe. He is from zimboway Africa and he was so sweet, my new favorite 70 now haha. The conference was so powerful and we even had like 6 of our investigators come. 2 of them are like whole familys, and they talked a lot about familys in the conference it. It was so good. In the general session we had about 1,031 people there from our whole district. It was so cool because a bunch of the members from Logan Town were there and I got to go and see them all. Also all three of the people I baptized were there so that was so sweet to see. Well we have some really awesome investigators we are teaching right now. We are also teaching a family called the Tarplah family. The husband is a member and a few of the kids are baptized but the wife isn’t and some of there other kids aren’t. The husband really wants to take his family to the temple and be sealed so we have been teaching them. Well we have been teaching them for like 2 weeks now and the wife is about ready to be baptized. We went over the family proclamation and I know that this family is going to the temple one day. They have started to do family prayer and scripture study in the morning and its so sweet to see them coming together. I already told you about Deconte. This guy is just a boss man. He came to both days of District Conference and its like a probably an hour or two walk to the place from his house because he doesn’t have money for transport, but he shows up with a big smile on his face. We now just need to work on getting him legally married before he gets baptized. There are so many people here who are living together but aren’t legally married. We have an investigator who has been living with her boyfriend for 11 years and has 3 kids with him but isn’t legally married. That is a big problem over here that we are trying to get past, but we are doing our best. 
 Thank you soooo much for the tree, I loved looking on it and looking at all the memorys we have with our family. Our family is so awesome and I really took them all for granted. I love that we always did those things like family prayer, family scripture study and home evening. I can see how much it blessed our family and I always use examples in lessons about how I know by doing these things blesses familys because I have seen them first hand so thank you so much for just everything J.
Well this week was great and I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving. I hope your enjoying the cold while I am over here getting toasted by the sun haha. Love you guys have a great week.

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