Thursday, April 3, 2014

March 10, 2014

Dear family, this week was a great week. I went on another exchange to start the week off. The Elders name is Elder Osanebi, he is from Nigeria and actually Elder Guymon trained him. He is such a sweet guy and he is funny. We had a good exchange though, he had a really cool conversion story. I guess his mom was really high up in her church and was about to become a Pastor and then they met the missionarys so she decided to try it out and she said that she felt something at the church that she had never felt at her church and long story short there whole family is now members of the church and are super strong. It was really cool and he told his conversion story to one of our investigators whose husband is a member and who knows that the church is true but is having a hard time leaving her church, so it was awesome.  Thursday we went and did a service project for some people in Elder Morrisons and Elder Osanebi’s area. It was a good service project, we just cleared some grass and some brush for them. The only thing that sucked was that we had to used nothing but hoes to get rid of the grass because they wanted to plant where we were clearing so we had to clear it all the way out. Hoes take forever to clear out a huge area. We worked probably a solid 3 or 4 hours and it didn’t even seem like we did to much haha but it was good. My back was definitely sore afterwards. I am never going to complain about doing yard work again back home with all the tillers and lawn mowers and everything because that is straight up luxury right there haha. Well this week me and Elder Cottrell focused a ton on our Seirra Leonne guys and another guy named Cadarius that we are preparing to be baptized this week. It is so amazing how fast a person can change just from the gospel. I have seen it especially with our Seirra Leonne guys, we have only been seeing them a couple of weeks now but they have totally changed there hearts and are just so willing to do what needs to be done and it is making them so happy. They are just doing complete 180’s in there life right now. We taught them the word of wisdom and every single one of them smoked weed (not to surprised there haha) but by the end of this week, they have stopped already. For one guy , Emile, he stopped like 2 weeks ago when we first started coming around with out us even talking to him about it. It is just so amazing what the gospel can do to people. Unfortunetly we are only going to be able to baptize 1 of them this week though. Kelfallah (kelo) has some major unresolved things with his past gangster life that he needs to take care of and another guy broke the law of chastity last week before we taught him so we have to give him some time but it is seriously a miracle of how fast these guys have progressed. We did have a baptism on Saturday. Our original plan was to have the baptism to our own branch and do everything as a branch (which we haven’t done yet, we usually all just go to one church with a bunch of branches to do it). It would have been the best thing ever and we had everything all prepared. Me and Elder Cottrell had to go and clean the outside font Saturday morning to get everything all ready. Well after we finished cleaning the font and was about ready to get to baptism set up, we got a call from the water people who were supposed to haul the water in to fill up the font and the truck we were supposed to use broke down that morning. So we had no way to fill up the font so at the last minute we had to call all of our branch members who were planning on coming and call our investigators and tell them that it was being switched to the district center. Miraculously, everything worked our perfect. All of our members were able to come and help with the baptism and our Investigators showed up and had a wonderful experience. We baptized a man, Richard Zeogar, his soon to be wife is our Relief Society president so that was sweet. We also baptized Cynthia Tarplah and her Husband Samuel was able to do the baptism, it was so awesome. We had to like force him to do the baptism but we finally got him to agree to it. It was one of the best baptisms I have been a part of. The branch here is doing so good and is getting so strong, this week in sacrament meeting we had to use about every chair in the building so everyone could sit. There was honestly like no more room there. It was so awesome. Anyways, that was about my week for this week. This week is the end of the transfer so it could be possible that there will be a change next week when I email you. I pray that I stay and that me and Elder Cottrell stay together atleast one more transfer. We are having so much success and I am just loving working with him. He is easy to get along with and we just have a good time together. It was crazy, Elder Cottrell hit his one year mark on Saturday along with Elder Zaugg and Guymon, so we are going to go and celebrate in town today so that will be sweet. Well I love you all and I hope you are all enjoying life to the fullest. 
Love Elder Bowring

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