Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014 - New Zone Leader & Transferred from Banjor to Paynsville

Dear family,
Well to say the least, this week was just flat out crazy. To start things off, Tuesday was just a normal day until we got home. Me and Elder Cottrell had just gotten into the compound and the zone leaders wanted to see us in there room, so we both went in there and they told us that there was emergency transfer news.  At first I didn’t Believe them but then they told us that it was serious. An elder had some problems with his leg and could hardly walk so they had to send him home to get surgery on his leg. Well the emergency transfer news is that I was going to Paynsville……… to be a zone leader.  I straight up shocked but the crazy part was that I was leaving in the morning.  So wensday morning I got picked up and just like that I was out of Banjor. It kind of sucked though because I didn’t get to even say goodbye to any of my Recent Converts or the branch or anything but I guess that is just how it was supposed to be. My new companion is Elder Tolar, he is from Texas. We knew eachother really good before and we always joked around about being companions how awesome that would be, well it happened haha. He played baseball in high school and is really good, he is looking to go back and play college ball. We get along good I would have to say haha. Well my new area is so sweet. It is a lot more busy than Banjor was. In our area we have a place called Red Light (it’s a huge market) I guess it’s the biggest market in all of lIberia and it is so freakin busy there. Elder Tolar said that you can look up Red Light on google earth and it pops up so you should look it up and you will be able to see my area. The new apartment is sweet. We have 4 people there. Me , Elder Tolar, Elder Jensen and Elder Khaisia. Its really nice. The branch is sweet, and our chapel is like the nicest in all of Liberia so I am enjoying. At the chapel we have huge mango tree out in the yard and sometimes we will be teaching lessons and a mango will just fall. Yesterday, one almost nailed our investigator in the head, it was funny.  I love it here though. We are teaching so many awesome people. I have literally just been seeing miracles everyday since I have been here.  There is this one guy in Particular named Daniel. They just started teaching him right before I basically am starting teaching him to. Daniel is from Nigeria and he is homeless. He is the most warm hearted, sweestest, innocent guy that I have met on my mission. All this guy wants to do is to do what is right. I seriously feel so bad for this guy because of the condition he is living. When he first got here he was looking for a place to stay and he found a place at a big catholic church nearby that lets him crash there. This week we were teaching him and he brought up the concern on how he feels obligated to go to the catholic churchs service on Sundays because the pastor is helping him out but how he knows what we tells him is true. He finally told us in the Lesson that he was going to make up his mind of what way he wanted to go and he would let us know on Sunday. So me and Elder Tolar decided that we just needed to get this guy a place to live so that he wouldn’t feel obligated to go to the other church so we were praying hard that we would be able to figure the situation out. Well on Saturday we had a bounce and we surprisingly ran into Daniel so we had an unexpected lesson with him. The member that we usually have with us wasn’t able to come (they are always just chillin at the church) so we grabbed this 16 kid named Cyrus (kid is hilarious and loves the church more than any other 16 year old kid I know, he is at the church everyday because he doesn’t have anything else to do) anyways, we had a good lesson and Daniel started to walk away so me and Elder Tolar were talking to Cyrus about him about how he is homeless and stuff. After we told Cyrus about that he just sat and thought for a minute and then said “ call him back here” So me and Elder Tolar went running and called Daniel before he got to far and he came back and Cyrus asked him if he had a place to stay and he told him that he didn’t. Then Cyrus offered him to come and stay at his place. When he offered him, I was just in shock. Cyrus barley has anything to give in the first place. I honestly was so touched by the love and charity he was showing to Daniel. Honestly one of the coolest experiences I have seen on my mission. I am sure that I didn’t give it half the justice it derserved. Well long story short, we sat down with Daniel Yesterday after church and asked him his final decision and the only thing he told us was “Im in” Me and Tolar were so pumped.  I am so excited for his baptism and just so excited for everything that is coming up in the next few week. The lords hand is truly in our lifes everyday and I am just so greatful for those people who are willing to help one another and to just be our brothers keepers. I pray that I will be able to be more charitable in the future and be able to give of what I have. Well this week will be another good week, we have actual transfers this week so some more changes will be coming but me and Tolar will for sure be the same. Still getting the hang of this zone leader business but I am really just enjoying right now. Life is great and I hope that life is great back home. Love you all so much and I hope you all had a wonderful easter. Love
Elder Bowring 
O ya and my Branch missionary that i Trained a while back, Bro. Freeman left on his mission this week so he is in the MTC now so that was really cool for that to. 

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