Monday, November 18, 2013

November 11, 2013 Transfers

Well this week was out of control to say the least. We got transfer news on Thursday night and I am now in a new area with a new companion. The new area where I am going is called Banjor and it is actually the same area that Elder Zaugg served his first 6 months of his mission in so that is really cool. He had a lot of good things to say about it. I am really going to miss all of those Elders in the other apartment, especially Elder Zaugg and Elder Guymon. I got to know them both really well and they are awesome men/missionarys. Luckily I will still be seeing them around. Me and Elder Guymon were both kind of shocked when we heard the news because we thought for sure that we would be staying together. Well he is staying and he is the new district leader which is sweet but I was excited/sad when I heard I was being transferred.   Well the area is white washed which means they took both missionarys out of the area and put 2 new ones in, so this will be very interesting. We get to go out and find all of the people that they were teaching before and get to know the area basically by our selfs. Luckily there are some good members that I met at church yesterday that I think will help us out a lot. My new companion is Brother Freeman, he is a branch missionary and I will be training him this transfer. He got his mission papers turned in so now he is doing this to get ready for a mission. Its so crazy, I am actually training and  I am in charge of somebody else besides myself but it will be a good learning experience.  So we got the transfer news on Thursday night and I got transferred on Saturday morning at 6 in the morning. It was way fast, and I honestly feel like I am new on my mission again because I am in a new compound with new missionarys and a new area with new responsibility’s. Its crazy but I am excited for the opportunity.  Being out here has really helped me deal with change a lot better, it still isn’t easy for me but I am getting better at it. I used to hate change back home and I honestly don’t like it still but it is helping me grow and I can feel that. It was so weird to leave the apartment and to leave Logan Town. Even though I wasn’t there for very long I still got to know some people really well and it was weird to leave it all behind. When we got to Banjor though it was really sweet. The area is a lot more spread out and a lot less busy than Logan Town. Even though im not used to it I like it a lot better. It’s a little more like home even though its still pretty far off haha. Instead of being in an apartment  we are in a compound and I LOVE it. We actually get to go out side and get some fresh air at night and get to actually see the stars. In the compound there are three houses with missionary’s and there are 4 in each one. In mine I have 2 Nigerians and then my companion so I am going to be the only American in my house. Its going to be great, I hear you learn a lot from the African Elders so I am excited. Its pretty sweet to, one of my MTC brothers is in one of the other houses, we flew from New York together and he is from Georgia and he is sweet, so we have been talking a lot the last couple of days. His name is Elder Cooper. In the compound we don’t have running electricity so we get our power from a generator and we only run it from 7 at night to 10 30 and then the rest of the time we don’t have any power, its pretty cool. Well that is basically my week, a lot of change but its exciting. I am excited to get to know the area and to start working and training my new comp. I hope you all have a great week and that everything in B-Town is still crack-a –lakin hahaha (sorry for the ugliness) still haven’t lost it. I love you all very much.
Love Elder Bowring

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