Saturday, November 2, 2013

Elder Guymon's (Bobby's companion) Letter

Hello from Africa.  Wow are you really reading that how crazy is that!!! Sometimes I forget that I am here. I am in Africa preaching the gospel WHAT!!!!! There are soooo many amazing things here, so many willing people and I could not ask anything better!! My companion for the last transfer has been Elder Bowring I am sure I have already said that but he is a freaking Master Missionary he has come pre trained (Again)  but this time in a good way!! We just from the first day were teaching soooooo well together and from that day we have just gotten better. I love how we teach. In my past companionships we would each take a principle and talk about it and sometimes, well on occasion, well alway,s my companion would end up talking about one principle for 20 minutes as I just sit there and listen but now we are not each just teaching a principle we are switching off every like 1 to 2 minutes and the lesson could honesty be an hour and a half but it feels like a 20 minute lesson and I love it.  It is just a sooooo much more effective way to teach and we are both loving this companionship!!! But it is sad we are 5 weeks into the transfer one more to go and we are both way sad because we are doing soooooo well together and I know for me I am the happiest I have been on mission. We were able to have our first baptism in Logan Town and his first Baptism of his mission and well it was sweet he was really enjoying it and he has a very amazing spirit to him he does not see it but he is such a powerful person and he looks for the good in EVERYTHING even if a lesson goes bad he just says MAN BUT WHAT ABOUT THAT PART!!! Haha he is great!! Africa is getting to be my home I am starting to learn sooooo much I am not sure how it will be when I get home!! For one it is going to be weird to see a bunch of white people!! Honestly though I forget I am white until I go into a circle for confirmation and see my white hands with all the black ones then I say, “WHAT THE???? OH YEAH!!!” Even when me and elder Bowring teach the God head I say, “It’s like me and my companion we our different but we work together he is white and I am black different but ONE companionship!!” oh I love teaching I don’t want to stop it. When I get home I want to go with the missionaries just to see how different it is.  I am honestly now LOVING the food I smell it and I almost fall in love just saying I want some!!! There is this one food called GB what it is is Yam and water pounded in a tree stump until it becomes REALLY think then you eat it with a stew and Swallow it you DO NOT CHEW IT!! So I was able to make some it was in the picture I sent home!!  My new branch is sooooo funny we meet in this OLD school house that gets no Current so when its rains like this Sunday and its dark you can’t see anything and you get leaked on oh it’s a party in Liberia!!

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