Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 18, 2014

Elder Burr, Sister & Brother Berrett, Elder Tolar & Bowring
Dear Family,
Well this week was good, it was nice to just get back to normal
missionary work again and not have to worry about anything else. I’m
settling in well here in Ghana and things are going good. I just got
back from the temple sight. We went there this morning to the stake
center and played some basketball. They have like an actual real quart
there with nets on the baskets and everything. It was a blast and I
got to see Elder Tolar again and Elder Burr so that was good to see
them this morning. Last week I didn’t really tell you much about like
my living conditions and stuff like that and some different things in
my mission. First off, we have Electricity 24/7. Its like I have
stepped into the Celestial kingdom. I don’t even think I need to go
into any more detail on any other things that basically sum up about
everything haha.  We also have microwaves in the apartment so that is
a big change to, I almost forgot how to use them haha , So that means
I expect some microwavable popcorn in my next few packages coming this
way haha, if ya feel like it. Also we have refrigerators which is
really nice also, I feel like I am living the high life over here
haha. Our apartment is actually not as nice as my last one but with
all these accessories I am getting along just fine haha. We proselyte
until 9 here now so that is a big change but it is really nice because
it gives us time to go and see more investigators. We also have bikes
and I am been loving that. They have a lot of speed bumps on the main
roads so i have been able to catch some good air on some speed bumps,
its fun. Then when we aren’t on the main road its like we are mountain
biking on all the dirt roads so that is really fun. This week we did a
good job at teaching, I am still not to where I would like to be but
we had 25 lessons so that was good. We are contacting a lot of new
people here in Nsawam so that is what we were working on a lot this
week and we actually found some pretty sweet investigators. On Tuesday
we had a zone meeting and that was good. I met a lot of guys in our
zone who were in the MTC when I was so that was really cool to see
them again. After our zone meeting we had a sweet miracle happen to
us. We were walking down this place called Media and we had just
gotten bounced a few times, we were on our way to go see somebody that
we had contacted last week when a guy asked if we were business men.
So we turned around and told him who we were and as soon as we did he
just lit up and said “ I know that church” Turns out that he has an
old friend who is a member of the church and has set a good example
for him so he was more than open to sit with us. We were just planning
on taking down his information on the road but he took us strait to
his house and introduced us to his family. It was really sweet and a
good experience. It is nice to know that god is still looking over me.
We found a lot of other good people here, now this week we are just
going to focus on getting them to church. I also went on exchange with
our DL this week, Elder Wickham. He lives in the apartment as well so
that good to just go on an exchange with him and just teach some
people. We have another Elder In the apartment who is one of the first
missionaries from the DR Congo. His name is Elder Mybia. He is
hilarious, he is still trying to learn English so its been fun having
him in our apartment.  We only had 1 person to church this week, her
name is Sister Dora. She has been coming for the past 4 weeks now and
no missionary has sat with her yet so we pulled her after sacrament
meeting and taught her. She doesn’t speak very much English though so
we had to get a member to come and translate everything into Twi. She
loved the message though and already loves the church so I am thinking
it wont take to long to get her baptized so that will be really good.
Other than that, nothing to special happened this week, just still
getting into the groove of things here. We have transfers here in 2
weeks so it will be interesting to see what happens, I heard president
like to change things up a lot so I don’t know if I will be getting
switched up or not but at this point I have had so much change this
past month its almost like I don’t care haha as long as I am where the
lord needs me and I am doing missionary work, that is all I care
about. I really do enjoy doing missionary work, its definitely hard
and not a walk in the park but looking back on my past experiences so
far, I really do love sharing the gospel. Anyways, I love you all very
much and I hope you all have a great week this week. Love
Elder Bowring

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